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Founded in 1998, Chicago Webs has grown from hosting their original design clients, to one of the most popular and most recognized hosting companies on the Internet today.

Growth can be 100% attributed to the level of customer support provided by our technicians, sometimes even reaching as far as looking through client's coding issues to solve simple yet mind boggling error messages. Whether you are an advanced programmer, or just trying to get your presence on the web, our support staff has the knowledge and the means to get you on your feet, or simply support your work each step of the way. Our staff is knowledgeable with most of the Macromedia line of web-design and programming utilities, as well as those released by Microsoft and other corporations.

Constantly upgrading our services, resources, and infrastructure, Chicago Webs is one of the fastest moving companies available to you today. In recent months, we've become one of only a handful of hosting companies to offer the combination of SQL 7, SQL 2000, ColdFusion Server 5, ASP, Windows 2000, Macromedia Generator, and Real Server. As new products are released, you can expect Chicago Webs to fully evaluate and move forward in the steps to create the most technologically advanced hosting solution available to you in the firstcomings of this millenium.

"All though I have never met Geoff or Pat, I feel like I have, this is the kind of service every business should have. When it comes down to it they are the backbone of my business and I couldn't imagine having better "business partners"." - Eric Jennings, "Dependable for uptime. Things rarely go wrong, and when they do support is very responsive. What's more, CW is a part of the UD community so they have a real interest in continuing to provide excellent service. Very highly recommended. " - Marc Garret,
"They are simply the best host I have ever used. Their answers are quick and accurate. What's more, they understand DW/UD and don't respond to a question with the standard "...we don't support Dreamweaver"..." - Murray Summers, ISP Review at Ultradev FAQ "After taking the advice of the guys in the newsgroup I started using ChicagoWebs a few months ago. What can I say? Response is tremendous - ask and ye shall receive usually within minutes, the prices are great and the servers are fast (especially after the upgrade). There are alot of hosting companies (especially here in the UK) who would do well to look at the example from the guys to improve their service. Keep up the great work!!!" - Paul Rich, Web Hosting Reviews
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