- Chicago Webs to release ColdFusion MX ServerEnterprise - June 19, 2002

Chicago Webs announced today that all ColdFusion accounts will be upgraded July 1, 2002 to the latest version of CF Server, ColdFusion MX Sever Enterprise. For details on the product, visit www.macromedia.com.


- Chicago Webs opens online eStore! - April 11, 2002

Chicago Webs is pleased to announce they have worked a deal with Cafe Press to offer a line of items containing the Chicago Webs logo. For more details or to check out the store, visit www.cafepress.com/chicagowebs.


- FastCBT releases Ultradev 4 Training CD-ROM! - February 18, 2002

FastCBT is pleased to announce the release of their Ultradev 4 Training
CD-ROM. FastCBT is an online learning resource featuring QuickTime video
tutorials and PDF cheat sheets for designers and developers. For more
information please visit www.fastcbt.com.


- Chicago Webs partners with LaGarde Inc. to offer StoreFront Now! - February 8, 2002

Chicago Webs partered with LaGarde Inc. in order to give customers an e-commerce solution that's fast, reliable, feature-rich, and affordable. Completely browser-based, merchants can setup an online store in minutes, plus have the expandability to later move from the browser-based merchant to the extensive StoreFront development tool. For more information on StoreFront Now! visit LaGarde's site at http://www.storefrontnow.com or http://www.lagarde.com.

Available Friday, Feb. 15!


- Chicago Webs updates LiveStats to version 6.0- January 23, 2002

Chicago Webs has begun switching users over to LiveStats 6.0. Users of the statistics server at we switched over today, the remaining users will be switched over the remainder of this week. For more information on the new version, visit DeepMetrix LiveStats 6.0 User Guides.

*Please note NO username/password is specified, but it is suggested one be setup for your statistics ID*

- Free ColdFusion Server 5 Developer Edition released - January 7, 2002

Macromedia today announced the immediate availability of Macromedia ColdFusion Server 5 Developer Edition. This free, non-expiring, full-featured edition works on a single computer to enable customers to develop applications for ColdFusion Server 5, a leading web application server. To download the server, visit www.macromedia.com/go/cfdeved. More Details


- Mail Servers Upgraded to IMail v7.04 - December 4, 2001

Users may read and send e-mail from any Web browser while enjoying their favorite desktop e-mail features like spell-check, address book, and multiple attachments. Customizable web templates allow you to offer web messaging and web calendaring to your users in their native language or branded for your company.

A Web-based calendar allows users to keep and store multiple schedules, appointments, task lists, and date reminder information accessible through an intuitive and user-friendly Web interface to increases user efficiency. More Details


- New Site Launched - November 21, 2001

Chicago Webs unveiled today their new Website design, developed after announcing a logo contest in May. The winning logo, featured on the new Site, was designed by Joe Donnelly. Joe has won a year's free hosting for his expert design and efforts.


- Scalable Vector Graphics: The Art is in the Code - November 21, 2001

Eddie Traversa - DHTML and XHTML guru and author of the upcoming book Dynamic XHTML Developer's Guide - has published part 1 of a 3 part tutorial series on Scalable Vector Graphics (shortnamed SVG) at UDzone. SVG is 'new' and exciting way to create images through an XML programming language. This first SVG tutorial series serves as an introduction to the basic concepts of SVG and next parts of the series will expand upon this. So let's step into the exciting world of SVG: The Art Is In The Code!


- Macromedia to Certify Dreamweaver Developers - November 19, 2001

Macromedia has made available a certification exam which provides developers with yet another differentiator for use to "demonstrate to potential employers and clients their ability and skills in using Macromedia products as well as their understanding of the underlying Web standards and technologies." Exams are also available for ColdFusion and Flash. Full Article


- ColdFusion 5 UltraDev 4 Studio Released - October 23, 2001

New versions of ColdFusion 5 UltraDev 4 Studio have been announced by Macromedia at DevCon 2001 and they are immediately available. This new studio integrates the leading development environments for ColdFusion applications, providing developers with a productive toolset for creating, managing, debugging, and deploying powerful Web applications for ColdFusion Server 5. Read more


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